Welcome to Maidenhead Mum’s Club

Our mission is to create a hub for parents to use to find out what Maidenhead has to offer from bump to toddling. There’s a wealth of information, baby groups and services, but finding them and remembering what day they’re on can take forever. Here, you’ll find all you need to know about raising a baby in Maidenhead.

A bit about me

I’m Sarah. I have lived with my partner Ed in Maidenhead for nearly 10 years.  When our son Jacob was born in March 2018, I was very aware that I had no family in the area and no real social connections in Maidenhead.  We did the local NCT classes, but in the end the support network I thought I’d make from that didn’t happen and I found myself incredibly lonely and quite lost.

As a new mum I frantically searched for things to do and baby groups to join. I tried quite a few, but often sat there looking like a frightened rabbit in the headlights and totally lost my confidence.  By the summer I had found a few groups where I felt comfortable, but then they stopped running over the summer holidays so it felt like I was back to square one!

I had discovered the website Hoop which lists some local activities as well as the website Mush which is basically a dating site for meeting other mums in your area.  However, these were not quite enough.  What I would have really benefited from was one source of information that could tell me what was happening on any particular day.  With that, the idea of Maidenhead Mum’s Club was born.

This website is solely about creating a hub for mums to check out antenatal and postnatal services in Maidenhead, including baby groups, health visitor sessions, support groups and other clubs.  It is really focused around mums with children under the age of two years or so, as that is the gap I discovered. There are other similar sites for surrounding areas, but nothing specifically for our community in Maidenhead.

I also try to add what’s on at the weekend in Maidenhead and reviews of local amenities and services.

Eighteen months into motherhood, the friendships I have made with my lovely mum friends have developed and we are starting to venture out in the evenings without babies in tow!  

As time passes, this site will evolve to include different elements, so if you have a club, group or service you think parents would be interested in reading about, please contact me below or at sarah@maidenheadmumsclub.com. You can also follow my Facebook Page or Instagram, @maidenheadmumsclub.


Sarah x

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