Welcome to Maidenhead Mum’s Club

Hi, I’m Sarah and have a 1 year old son, Jacob.

I love living in Maidenhead, there is so much to get involved with and loads of services available. However, when I had my son in 2018 I couldn’t find very much and certainly nothing that connected everything up in once place. I spent the first three months of my maternity leave in a mad panic, trawling websites and attending groups hoping that one might lead to a group of mum’s that I could hang out with.

I did the classic NCT classes, however, I found when I needed the support from that group it had all but disappeared and I was back to square one! Exhausted with trying to create a support network around me as well as dealing with a small human.

After 14 months of navigating my way around the many things Maidenhead has to offer (and there are loads!) I vowed to work on behalf of those trying to balance motherhood, making friends and creating a support network, to help them focus the little energy they had on what was important and that wasn’t looking for things to do and places to go each day.

This website hopefully is the start of trying to do that, it’s in no way perfect, but it’s a start. If you’re reading this I hope you make use of the content and of course feel free to contact me to suggest new stuff, groups or places to go. Being social works both ways, interacting back and forth. Here’s to trying to connect mum’s of Maidenhead together!

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