Antenatal Classes

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

Why do them?

There’s a lot going on when you’re having a baby, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Antenatal classes can help you prepare for the pregnancy, labour and arrival of your little one.

Classes are fun and they introduce you to a network of people who are in the same position as you as well as providing information that will be helpful and empowering when making decisions about your labour. (not that labours always go to plan!)

We’re lucky in Maidenhead as we have a number of great providers of antenatal services. I’ve separated hypnobirthing as there are a number of provide that focus on this type of antenatal class. You can find them on the hypnobirthing page. We did NCT, which held classes at Sportsable in the evenings. ( I would probably choose a hypnobirthing option next time)

Baby Matters

This is a super popular choice in Maidenhead and is run by Debra Jonkers (who also runs baby massage courses)

The full course is 18 hours which is completed over a number of sessions, some of the topics covered are:

  • Pain management and relief
  • The physical process of birth
  • Role of your partner
  • Feeding (breastfeeding and bottlefeeding)
  • When labour doesn’t go to plan
  • Baby care for the first few weeks

As part of the course there will be a 2 hours session with a trained breastfeeding counsellor and a 2 hour reunion session with all parents and babies.

You can book a course for when your baby is due by heading over to the Babymatters website.


NCT is a national charity that supports parents throughout pregnancy and the first 1000 days of parenthood. It is a hub of information and support for parents. They offer a range of antenatal and post natal courses and are famous for creating a network of friends.

Their courses cover subjects such as

  • Pregnancy and birth choices
  • What happens in labour
  • Pain relief
  • Looking after your baby

There’s also a reunion once the babies from the group are born.

NCT courses and support services are also available in the following subjects, refresher courses, Doula support, pregnancy yoga, waterbirth workshop, twin and multiple courses. Maidenhead has a NCT branch where you can find local courses.

RBWM Antenatal Group

The Borough’s Health Visiting team have antenatal sessions that run on a monthly basis. These are 2 hours long and you can book by calling 0300 365 6523