Baby Massage

Baby Massage was introduced in neonatal wards to support the development of premature babies around 30 years ago. There’s a belief that it has a number of benefits for baby such as easing digestion, improving circulation and supporting the parent baby bond.

There are a couple of options in Maidenhead for baby massage.

Baby Matters

Baby Matters is run by Debra Jonckers whose classes take you step by step through massage techniques for you and your baby. They are run in Maidenhead over 6 weeks. After each class there is opportunity for open discussions on a number of topics (with a cuppa and biscuit) such as your birth story, weaning, dental care, returning to work, childcare options and boundaries. There is also a class dedicated to dads who also want to learn the massage techniques.

Debra has over 15 years experience in teaching parents, whether that be antenatal classes, baby massage or baby first aid training. She’s also a mum of 4 so has a pretty good grasp on motherhood! Debra also runs the Baby Cafe on Wednesdays at St Mary’s Church in town.

Head to the Baby Matters website for more info and to book onto a course.

Photo by Luma Pimentel on Unsplash

Mind Body and Bump

Louise Prince runs Mind, Body and Bump, she has worked with children for nearly 20 years and has a number of qualifications to support her services.

There are 3 options for baby massage courses depending on the age of your baby.

You can attend one of the courses run in Maidenhead or you can book a group massage session for 2 or more of you in your own home.

Courses run for 2 hours over 4 weeks and are built around the needs of babies (feeds, sleeps, changes etc) . Louise will take you through massage techniques as well as parent hacks offering support in the early weeks and months of parenthood.

Louise offers a number of services as well as baby massage, all of which are on her website. You can book your course online.

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash