Hypnobirthing is a complete birth education and can be used in any birth or labour. Hypnobirthing helps you understand your body and the birth process, having this knowledge can mean you can discuss birth options with your health practioner and be in control of your choices.

There are many benefits to hypnobirthing such as fewer drugs and inteventions, a calmer and more content baby and a postive birth experience. Hypnobirthing techniques can also useful when labours aren’t going quite to plan.

Photo by John Looy on Unsplash

There are a number of hypnobirthing practioners in Maidenhead.

Over the Moon Birthing

Over the Moon Birthing is run by Joanna Willamson, a practising midwife and mum living in Maidenhead.

Joanna follows the KGHypnobirthing programme which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

The courses are an in depth introduction into hypnobirthing and include topics such as ‘how bodies are naturally designed to give birth’ Breathing exercises, deep relaxation, writing a birth plan and the active role of your birth partner. This is a full antenatal class and you won’t need to (unless you want to) book on anything additional.

There are both evening and weekend classes available and will add up to 10 hours per course.

Group courses are £299 (although there can sometimes be discounts on this price)

Private courses are £399.

You can read more about Joanna and Over the Moon Birthing in her blog.

Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing

The Maidenhead branch of Mindful Mamma is run by Dr Ruchi Bakshi. Ruchi is a Clinical Psychologist and has over 12 years experience practising in the NHS.

This programme combines mindfullness with hypnobirthing to empower couples to experience a positive labour and birth.

Courses are 1 day and are held in Maidenhead.

Group courses are £150

Private courses are £225.

Annette Hambi Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Classes

Annette runs hypnobirthing classes in the Maidenhead area. She’s a qualified Midwife, Health Visitor and Nurse. Her philosophy is based on the Judith Flood and Katharine Grave training.

She offers group courses run over 3 sessions (2 evenings and 1 weekend day) or 2 weekend days, these are £259

Top up courses for those who would like to refresh their techniques which are £139

Or private antenatal classes for £350 per couple (4 x 2 hour sessions)

You can find out more information on her website.

Active Health Clinics

Active Health Clinics are based in St Marks, they offer a holistic service around wellbeing which include hypnobirthing support. They have a trained practitioner and also offer hypnofertility sessions.