New Mums

Becoming a new mum is so overwhelming, you leave the hospital with a red book and a whole lot of information, but I know I never got around to reading it. On this section of the site, I’ve included the groups and services in Maidenhead that have been set up to support new mums.

Breastfeeding support

There are several sessions in Maidenhead to attend and ask questions on breastfeeding support – The sessions are set up to help answer any questions you have about breastfeeding and offer tips and techniques if you need them.

Nuture Groups

You may have seen my blog post on Nuture Groups, I’m a big fan. They are a safe space for you to ask questions and get support over a range of baby related topics from the practitioners but also other mums. You can turn up at any time during the session, they have toys, activities and singing time, they’re free and run throughout the holidays.

Health Visitor Drop in Clinics

You will have a number of touch points with the Health Visiting Team, clinics are a great way to ask any questions you may have. They’re also where you will go and weigh your baby. There are a number of sessions around Maidenhead throughout the week and they will also be where you complete the Development Reviews of your child.